About Rembrandz

Rembrandz was founded by a group of creative experienced in entrepreneurship and design and training from the 80s.

But the inception of the brand offerings actually started in 1993 when it slowly grew to a bouquet of offerings.

The name stemmed from Remy+Brands = Rembrandz

Because of the artist behind the name

Originally having started out in the artistic arena as a fine artist and her first paintings being inspired by Rembrandts paintings, her Brand-name Rembrandz takes relevance.


With her MBA and Mathematics academics she was pleased stepped into the corporate world soon after her art internships as a young animator.

Prior to this, for 2 years as a college fresher she took computer programming courses and taught programming languages for a year or two.


Her first gig was in management cartooning in HR and ISO 9000 series for fortune 500 companies

with her debut first corporate video in 1993. Also establishing a Design Studio catering to Print and Artistic Visualization.


By 1994 Rembrandz stepped foot into the world of Television Commercials providing animation for top brands such as Harpic, Brooke Bond etc.


In 1996 she stepped into more of 3D Modeling, 3D Character Animation, 3D Design, 3D Animation and the world of After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop with 3D Studio Max and Softimage


In 1999 she started her tenure to join Television Broadcasting in Animation Specialties.


In 2006 she went to work in the New York area. Along with her animation web programming tenure when in the USA has today gives her skills in web optimization, SEO, keyword research.


In 2010 she became a Creative Director post-producing her next first few corporate films in Dubai


In 2012 she started out as an independent entrepreneur/freelancer in animation, Creative producer of films and Fine Arts.


By 2014 she had already made 15 animated corporate videos post-producing it from scratch to finish, from concept, scripting, storyboarding, animation to video editing.


In 2016 she moved onto creative consultancy taking on larger corporation projects in animation and training.


In 2020 during the first covid lockdown era was met with remote animation work for Rembrandz with a few more new client alliances lasting to date.


In 2021 she has debuted as publisher, author, marketing training advocate for artists, Computer training material in the UAE and online.

Business Cartoons | Animation

Editorial Cartoons, Management Cartoons, Technology Cartoons and Animation.

Book Illustration

Amazon Published, London Shows selected Illustrator, Pieces available as POD downloads o


Books, Interstitials, Public Service Films

62 Happy Clients

27 Years in Business

67392 Number of Hours

51 total Films

96 total Projects

75 Services

6 Partners

3 Total Continents

More about Rembrandz

Rembrandz in 2021

Amazingly, post-2020 she awakens to the fact her art and animation are her main tools to fulfill her calling in communication of decoding and keeping track of the truth how to survive on this planet with goodness & meaning. Rembrandz today has a market of her own. "Animates" with absolute Inclusivity, making exclusive content. Also qualified in communication, social marketing, management, technology and the art of healthy living, Rembrandz provides a 1-stop Creative Consultancy in 2021 & beyond.